Design Principles

Designed by Frank Gehry and Gehry Partners, the Ocean Avenue Project uses world-class urban planning principles consistent with the vision and principles of Santa Monica's Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) and the City Staff recommendations for the Downtown Specific Plan.

Iconic Project

Create a point of distinction for the City

U.S. Green Building Council

Integrate Sustainable Design

Creating a project that will meet US Green Building Council's LEED Silver designation.

Step-back Design

Concentrate height to the center of the site to reduce the bulk of the building, allowing for historical preservation and to minimize view impacts.

Activate the Pedestrian Experience

Building set-backs and street-level restaurants and retail will create a more expansive and vibrant pedestrian experience along Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard and Second Street linking key centers of activity downtown.

Adaptive Reuse of Two Landmarked Buildings

Preservation of two landmarked buildings will help define a new cultural amenity and museum campus.

Implement a Transportation Demand Management Program

Implement a transportation program for employees and hotel guests that will encourage alternative modes of transit and reduce traffic.

Integrate Public Amenities into the Project Design

Create public open space and amenities to welcome residents and visitors.